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Napier is the major city in the Hawke’s Bay region. It is the city of survivors. Back in 1931, the city was met by an unfortunate incident that left several hundred dead. In addition to this huge death toll, properties worth millions of dollars were also destroyed. Rather than dwell on this unfortunate incident, the city put this behind them and rather turned things around in their favor. Presently, Napier is home to over 63000 residents. If you are a fan of art deco architectural designs, nature in its finest, wines and vineyards, then Napier should be your next tourist location. Here are a few reasons why it should consider visiting Napier.

Here is a list of the best deals in Napier. Anywhere from pub and bar deals, to offer deals and accommodation and backpacker deals.

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Have a glimpse of 1931

The 21st century is characterized by a series of architectural designs and advancements. However, if you have ever thought of turning back the hand of time, there is just one spot in the world where you can find a number of preserved beautiful art deco architectural designs and that’s Napier. The City Center has a colossal number of these architectural designs. Take a self-guided walk and enjoy one of natures’ most beautiful streetscape.


Don’t Miss the Art Deco Weekend

This is one activity that you should not miss if you are truly a fan or ancient arts and deco. The Art Deco Weekend is an annual event that takes place every February. The event features celebrations of art, fashion, music, cars, and everything that depicts the 1930s. This is one event that attracts lots of tourists! Who wouldn’t want to take a peek into 1930?



The Best Winery and Vineyard

Napier is also home to some of the best winery and vineyards in the world. If you are looking to have a wholesome winery experience like never before then Napier is your best bet. The city is home to some notable wineries like the Church Road Winery; Clearview Estate Winery; Trinity Hill Winery; Ash Ridge winery and many more.


Cape Kidnappers

No worries, it’s not as bad as it sounds. If you are looking to enjoy wildlife and some beautiful scenery, then you can take a trip to Cape Kidnappers. Whether you decide to walk or drive your way to through, you will surely enjoy the view from the beach. Napier’s Cape Kidnappers houses the largest colony of gannets in the world. There are not many parts of the world where you can have such access.


Final thoughts about this great spot

Napier is an ancient city that has a rich cultural heritage and art deco landmarks. Today, the city is one of the most visited tourist sites in New Zealand. Napier has the largest preservation of ancient art deco and architectural designs. The golf course in the cape of kidnappers is one that will surely take your breath away. Among other things, people are fun loving and welcoming. You are surely going to have a great time in Napier.