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List of Power Companies in Napier for 2021

Best Power Companies in Napier – Compare Prices and Plans



Powering your home or office now gets easier. Thanks to digital technology. You can now choose the suitable power plans which cover electricity, gas, and solar, depending on your power installations. However, it’s still a challenging task to find those power companies in Napier which provides reliable services and the best price rate. The following businesses are some of the most reliable power companies covering the Napier area. Compare and get the plans which suit your needs the most.


Best Power Companies in Napier


1. Flick Electric

Flick Electric is a wholesale power provider which offers competitive plans on electric plans for residential. The company provides you with full control of your power usage. You can see the ongoing power price so you can both maintain the usage and budget. With Flick Electric, you can “choose what you use and control what you pay”. If you’re new to this concept, believe in the Consumer people’s choice.

Basically, Flick Electric offers to types of plans, Fixie Plan and Freestyle Plan. If you’re looking for predictable and steady price, comfortable with a six-month contract, and okay with metering and transmission charge, the Fixie plan is your buddy. However, if you prefer no fixed terms, monitoring lives spot prices, and the best price at the best time, the Freestyle plan could be your best option. The second one allows you to save up to $250 per year.


2. Meridian Energy

Do you prefer renewable energy? Meridian Energy is the largest renewable energy provider in New Zealand. They offer both fixed and variable pricing but with a specific rate for electric vehicle and low user rates for those who meet the conditions. They provide sustainable power usage for homes. Meridian Energy’s online tools allow you to control and manage your account. The pricing is determined by the wholesale energy cost, transmission & distribution, metering, company’s margin, and of course, GST.

Meridian Energy provides power for personal, business, and agribusiness usage. For a convenient purchase, you can request a quote for your power pricing and rates. You can take Meridian Energy as a partner or solely a supplier to your power needs. The company covers any scale of power usage. You can switch your current power into Meridian Energy services within ten minutes. Since the renewable sources generate power, businesses can opt to switch to Meridian Energy to take green credential.


3. Mercury

If you’re looking for a comprehensive package of award-winning services, sustainability, and rewards for customer loyalty at once, Mercury is the best option for you. Mercury covers electric and gas power for residential. Mercury can provide you with a quick estimation of the monthly power rates and pricing based on your current address. The sustainability is a serious concern for the company, Mercury now has new Turitea wind farm which contributes to the country’s renewable energy.

Mercury’s price plan is determined the same factors previously mentioned but the company will check your energy usage every one year if you in the variable plan. The company aims to make sure that you take the most cost-effective price plan based on your current appliances.


4. Electric Kiwi

Electric Kiwi is a company offering smaller, smarter electric power services. They offer low prices for the residential housing so you can get guaranteed savings in your first year with Electric Kiwi. The company applies no contracts with no signup fees nor break fees. You can even conveniently calculate your annual savings based on your current or ongoing power electric bill with instant comparison and quote from Electric Kiwi.

Electric Kiwi applies simple steps so you can get sorted instantly. You can track your savings be credited of some if you haven’t saved throughout the first year. You can save 4% up to 15% depending on the home appliance operation during the free hour of power. If you have a dishwasher, shower, washing machines, irons and other high powered appliances to operate, using free Hour of Power setting provided by Electric Kiwi can give you a lot of savings.


5. Trust Power

Trust Power is a power provider which also cover data broadband bundle plans and gas. You can either choose a solo power plan, power & gas plan, power & broadband plan, and complete plan(power, gas, broadband). They also offer Trustpower’s Solar Buddies for solar power solution. They offer various bundle power plans but you can also build your own power plan with their plan builder platform and get the best value of your money. Aside from residential power, Trust Power also provides electricity, gas, internet, and phone for business.

With Trust Power, you only pay what you use. Let’s say if you go fully electric, you can simply take the solo electric plan but if you run a modern house, more comprehensive plans are available to choose. You need to sign up an account to build your plan, monitor & control power usage, and get any necessary support from the company.


6. Powershop

Powershop is another New Zealand’s power company where you can set your own power rules. Not only that they offer competitive price but also that you can control how much you should pay and can save. Powershop provides power supplies for residential homes and business. It’s very convenience since they apply no fixed-term contracts so you can leave anytime in the future without any penalties.

They have various special offers including NZD150 worth free power bonus as you switch your power provider to Powershop. By signing up an account, you can get guaranteed savings over the year and smartly control the power usage with the online tools. It doesn’t stop there, Powershop also offers a free quote as well as fixed pricing or seasonal pricing which is completely at your choice. A referral bonus of NZD 100 power credit is available for each friend you take into Powershop.


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