Here is a list of helpful FAQs


I’m too busy! Can you create my page?

Yes definitely! It’s all part of the package. For $480 per year, we’ll create you an awesome and well-optimised page.


Can we pay monthly instead of annually?

Yes ofcourse! We have two membership options for you.
– The first is the paid annually price of $480 – $39.95 a month / $9.22 a week.
– The second is our pay monthly subscription, which is $49.95 a month – $599 a year / $11.50 a week.

What are the benefits of joining?

  1. We’ve For only $39.95 per month (price of a couple of coffees a week), why not?
  2. Look how awesome your profile will look: Aspyre Gym or Trafik
  3. In the last 31 days, (July 2020) we’ve had over 6000 customers looking for specific businesses. For example, over 400 people looking for a ‘hairdresser in Hastings’, or 255 people looking for ‘childcare in Hastings’, over 500 residents looking for services in Rotorua, even 20 people looking a plasterer in Napier. Why not promote your business today?
  4. We send traffic to your profile. You will also be listed in the featured businesses pages like this one: Electricians in Tauranga.
  5. We have a local digital agency who will create your page
  6. Hassle-free phone calls and customer details. All this from a great looking page that will be ranked well in Google.
  7. We have spent years getting ranked top in Google, your page will piggyback off our hard work.
  8. No hosting costs, no managing your own website, no developers, no expensive marketing companies and more!

If you put up the annual membership, do I pay extra?

No. If you are on the $480 per year membership, you’ll stay on it. If our prices go up, you will always stay at a lower price.


How can I add my business?

Easy. Simply click here and fill out your details.


What sort of businesses are on this site?

All sorts! Any business looking for more customers. Plumbers, florists, house movers, insurance advisors, power companies, even immigration consultants!


Have another question? No worries, we’d love to help: