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List of Childcare in Hastings, Hawkes Bay for 2021

Need trusted Childcare for your children? Find the best childcare and daycare centres in Hastings.


Childcare and Daycare in Hastings

Choosing the Right Childcare Centre in Hawkes Bay.

There are many childcare options in Hastings, Hawkes Bay. Finding the right centre that suits your child, and your family needs are important.  Whether its location, the passionate staff, facilities, cost or size, there are many factors busy parents need to consider when choosing a daycare centre.

We`ve created a list of best childcare and daycare centres in Hastings.

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1. Central Hastings Early Learning Centre

Central Hastings Early Learning Centre is passionate about childcare and extending your child. Despite providing three different rooms, the learning centre also offers super large open natural spaces as well as a safe and loving environment. Their childcare and education program is varied exposing your child to different learning experiences. The modern facility and qualified teachers provide your children with a safe and happy environment. You can simply book a tour online or by calling 06 878 9886and get amazed by things you’ll see at 511 Hastings Street South.


2. Laugh Observe Learn Early Childhood Educare

At Laugh Observe Learn Early Childhood Educare, your child will enjoy playing and learning at the same time. Our centre provides a safe, spacious, and stimulating environment where our children can develop their well-being. We also take pride in our team of passionate qualified teachers and onsite cook. All of these work together to provide the highest quality of childcare for our tamariki. Here, you can be sure that your kids are in safe hands.

Best Childcare for your Children

Kids really love to play. So we use this as a medium for them to enjoy and learn. Not only that they will develop their physical strength, but they will also enhance their social and mental well-being. The teachers at Laugh Observe Learn Early Childhood Educare provide superb care and support for the children. These teachers ensure that the kids are feeling loved and celebrate with them even with small achievements. We believe that by doing this, our children will develop confidence and builds trust which will help them as they grow up.

Fun and Engaging Environment

Laugh Observe Learn Early Childhood Educare features their facilities where the kids can freely play and learn. We have also provided clean and comfortable nappies for kids for their nap time. Different learning tools and toys such as building blocks, mats, books, puzzles and colouring materials are readily available throughout the centre. We ensure that all are safe for kids use.

We primarily aim to help you raise your children where they will also enhance their self-discovery and confidence in exploring things to learn. From time to time, we also conduct activities that will require parents to participate. These are all for the highest welfare of our kids.

You can contact us to get more details about rates and schedules. Together, let us be partners in raising your children.


3. Piccolini – Private Nursery & Kindergarten Hastings

Piccolini is a private nursery & Kindergarten aiming to nurture and educate your children. Not only do they offer an extensive and spacious environment ideal for their small-group approach, but Piccolini also elaborates both play and fun for the development of your child’s senses and social skills. Piccolini helps your child transition from kindergarten to school. Piccolini has specialist infant teachers.

Piccolini is situated at 923 Southampton Street West, St Leonards. Also, childcare in Havelock North. You can enrol Pinccolini daycare online using your Educa account. If you’re looking for a Kindergarten with an extensive transition program, Piccnolini would be your best solution. You can contact the Kindergarten on 06 870 6950 for further information about approaches and curriculum.


4. Lumsden Kindergarten

Lumsden Kindergarten is a Kindergarten and childcare centre taking care of infants to five-year-old children. They have two different groups of services: the Little Lumsden for toddlers and The Big Lumsden for children aged three to five years old. They offer a comprehensive curriculum involving arts, numeracy, literacy, languages, and a range of outdoor experiences. Lumsden Kindergarten is situated at 209 Lumsden Road and you can call them on 06 876 2006.


5. Waiapu Kids St. Matthew’s – Hastings Childcare

Check out their new profile page here. Waiapu Kids St. Matthew’s


6. Ecokids – Early Childhood Education

Ecokids is a daycare service that stands for its name. Despite providing a caring environment, Ecokids also provide a fantastic natural environment with diverse flora and fauna as the learning areas. They cater their services to caring and learning for newborns to school-aged children with an environmental sustainability approach. Both indoor and outdoor spaces are well-maintained to support learning activities. ECE services are available for children aged 3, 4, and 5 with a maximum of 20 hours per week with 6 hours per day.

Ecokids is situated 903 Florence Street, Raureka and opens on Monday to Friday from 7:45 to 5:15 PM and you can reach them on (06) 876 7654. With extensive service hours, Ecokids not only gives parents more flexibility but allows children to learn from nature. Comprehensive features provided can include tea times, sunblock, nappies & wet wipes, spare clothing & footwear, and more.


7. Active Explorers – Early Learning Centres

Active Explorers carries out the love of learning not only through its facilities but also through their curriculum. They have colourfully painted walls to entice the kids to be more active and creative. They celebrate children’s achievement so they always feel appreciated and motivated. At Active Explorers, they have passionate educators who provide a variety of opportunities for your child to grow and thrive.


8. Lollipops Hastings – Daycare Centre

Lollipops is a warm and welcoming child-led learning environment. This childcare centre in Hastings ensures that your kids are in a safe and nurturing place. Lollipops is not just an ordinary children daycare centre. They claim to be different from others. Lollipops provide high-quality resources to support growth and development. They promote respect and care for the environment and strong family values. Your kids would really feel that the place is the extension of your home.


9. Te Kopere Childcare and Daycare

Te Kopere Childcare is a homely childcare centre offering a relaxed environment with qualified teachers passionate about teaching and learning. The homelike environment is supported by a character-building-based early childhood curriculum that allows your children to develop their special character. If you’re looking for an alternative model of childcare in Hastings with a fully committed staff passionate about education, Te Kopere Childcare could be your best solution.

You can visit Te Kopere Childcare at 214 Lovedale Road. 20-hour ECE is free of charge here and there is a minimum attendance of two days per week. The fees already include food made with seasonal organic ingredients. The eligible families can get WINZ Childcare subsidy for childcare services in Te Kopere Childcare. Take a tour of the centre to check facilities in person.


10. BestStart Hastings Central

BestStart Hastings Central is another homelike childcare centre with a central community location. The teachers aim to connect children to the community through regular excursions. Whether it’s to the local post office, library, pet shop or other local business, the excursions are arranged so children can explore interesting things around them. This way, your children can discover their potential and develop themselves in their community. Aside from childcare services, BestStart Hastings Central also offers pre-school services to help your children transition to school. The play area and baby area are separated.

BestStart Hastings Central is situated at 11 Tomoana Road, St Leonards and you can call them on 06 878 8387 if you want to book a tour and have a look around. The childcare is operating from Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM. The enrollment will provide you with free 20-hour ECE that will reduce the overall childcare fee.


11. Launch Active Early Learning

You may wonder how actually early learning is and Launch Launch Active Early Learning has the answer for you. They promote distinctive early learning approaches that elaborate fundamental at launch active, fundamental movement skills, and physical literacy. Extended natural environments and outdoor play spaces providers sensory-rich experiences. Launch Active Early Learning is situated on 1305 Pakhowai Road and you can contact them on 06 211 2999 or 021 081 56132. Launch Active Early Learning opens from Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM.


12. Porse – In Home Childcare

Porse is natural or home-based childcare with the largest network in the country. This daycare centre in Hastings offers authentic experiences, environments, and relationships through diverse activities and facilities. It would be a great solution if you’re looking for a homely vibe in a childcare service. With certification and intensive programs, you can expect a high standard of home-based childcare options. You can contact Porse 0800 023 456 or find your local childcare centre online through their site.


13. Learning Adventure Flaxmere

Learning Adventure Flaxmere is a great childcare centre offering early education and caring services. They have large outdoor areas adjacent to indoor rooms for their activities. There is also food options and excursions to extend your child’s adventure while cared for in Learning Adventure Flaxmere. The childcare centre also has ECE hours and school transitions to support the strong early education of your children. Learning Adventure Flaxmere is situated at 2 Blyth Street Flaxmere and you can reach them on 06 879 9352.


14. Sprouts – Home-based Childcare

Sprouts is a home-based childcare centre providing early education and caring services for children aged 0 to 5 years old. Their in-home childcare educators take ongoing training and development so they can provide nurturing, reliable care and education for your children. Excursions have become an inseparable element of Sprouts’ program to help your children socialize. You can find Sprouts at 2b Wilding Avenue, Marewa and you can reach them on (06) 878 3230.


15. Frederick Street – Private Kindergarten

Frederick Street is a local Kindergarten and family centre in one place. Their kindergarten care and educates children aged 2.5 to 6 years old. The Frederick Street Family Centre is family-involved services for children aged three months to three-plus years old. Qualified teachers lead both services to ensure the best progress and result of the learning. Frederick Street Kindergarten is situated at 817 Frederick while the Family Centre is at 900 Frederick Street.


16. Frimley Early Learning Centre

Frimley Early Learning Centre is a child care and education centre for children up to 5 years old. They offer a caring environment and complete nutrition for all children in care at competitive rates. At the time of writing, meals are free of charge and parents enjoy flexible hours. Frimley Early Learning Centre also provides 20 hours ECE with no conditions. You can reach them on 06 878 8949 or 027 288 6635 and visit Frimley Early Learning Centre at 312 Frimley Ave.


17. Cribs 2 Crayons – Childcare Hastings

Cribs 2 Crayons is a childcare centre at the middle of Hastings for children from three months to six years old with separate activity areas. They offer comprehensive childcare and daycare services including music lessons, personalised learning programs, healthy & nutritious food, events & excursions, and free pick up & drop off services. Their outdoor playground is built to reflect their learning curriculum for various groups of age. Cribs 2 Crayons is more than just a daycare, it’s also a learning facility for your children.

Cribs 2 Crayons is situated at 926 Heretaunga Street West, ST Leonard. With nine teachers, three rooms, and 25 diverse activities, your children will get a fun and caring experience. They also have a range of community events where your children can explore new experiences and develop their social skills. The snack menu covers morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea with a 4-week rotation. You can contact Cribs 2 Crayons on 06-8707006.


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