Some of the best Mechanics and Auto Repair Shops in Taupo for 2019


Taupo has a great selection of auto repair services and mechanics ready to help you with any task that you may need. If you’re a tourist with a camper van or a local we’re found you the best deals in town. See our growing list of expert mechanics, and here are some of the best companies to work with if you need reliable auto repair services.


1. Taupo Automotive Repairs

Taupo Automotive is a family owned auto repair business. You can visit them at Runanga Street and their focus is to bring in the best mechanical services on the market at a very good cost. They put a lot of work into delivering the best value and quality on the market. Also, they cover services like full mechanical repairs, breaks, tow bars, car seat installation, WOFs, and many others. If you need any type of auto repair or mechanics related task that you need to perform, Taupo Automotive will be there to help you with that. And since the prices are very affordable, you never have to worry about the overall costs of this repair service either.


2. Wheel Addiction in Taupo

Wheel Addiction is widely known in Taupo for their professionalism and their focus on safety. They do a very good job of offering tremendous value and quality for any auto repairs. They are working on just about any type of car. And at the same time, they also have some nice services like a free tyre check, upfront pricing, and professional driving advice. All of these add up to make the entire experience very rewarding.

They are also very professional, and since the prices are pretty affordable, that makes them some of the best mechanics on the market at this time. If you need to repair your car quickly and without paying too much, they are one of the best options in Taupo.


3. TSR Motors

TSR Motors has a history of more than 13 years spent in the car repair industry. That goes to show the true benefits and attention to detail provided by them. They provide repairs and maintenance, as well as other services like performance enhancement, dealership alternative features and so on. All of these add up to bring in front a very impressive, distinct and reliable auto repair offer that you can rely on. Taupo full mechanical repairs, breaks, tow bars, WOFs, and many others.

As you can see, if you live in Taupo there are lots of great services for you to check out when you have car problems. All you have to do is to check these out, and you will be more than impressed with the value and efficiency provided here. Plus, all these services are right near your home, so you won’t have a problem accessing them. Rest assured that this is the best way to obtain reliable and professional car repair services at a price that you will enjoy!


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