Some of the best Gyms in Taupo for 2019


Taupo is one of the towns that offer you access to a number of gym facilities. If you want to stay fit and work out, then there are lots of gyms in Taupo that you may want to check out. The best part is that most of these gyms are fully equipped for any type of workout, weather Crossfit or Pilates. And they are not that expensive either. Here are a few options below.


1. Empower Fitness

Empower Fitness has a great motto, which is “move your body, empower your life”. And they do stand behind that motto, as you can imagine. They have a multitude of classes designed to help you stay in shape. But they also have weight loss programs, and you can also do custom training if you want to. What makes them great is that they put a lot of work and focus on providing high-quality training services for people of all ages. The best part is that they have all the facilities and equipment you may require, not to mention their location is very easy to access too. That makes Empower Fitness one of the best gyms in Taupo!



Best Gyms in Taupo NZ

2. CrossFit Taupo

As the name suggests, CrossFit Taupō is all about bringing in a friendly approach towards the CrossFit experience. They do a very good job of offering you all the equipment you need in this regard. And the best part is that they are fully focused on success and value more than anything. The trainers here are very good, and they can easily help you focus either on increasing muscle mass, staying in shape or losing weight. You are in control at all times, but the CrossFit Taupō team will offer you all the guidelines and help you need in order to take things to the next level.


3. Pilates Body Dynamics

Sometimes you just want a different way to work out. And Pilates body dynamics certainly manages to do that. They have a very interesting program that harnesses the power of pilates, all while helping you stay in shape fast and easy. There are multiple classes you can enroll to, not to mention you won’t have a problem accessing some special services such as clinical pilates as well.

One thing is certain, Taupo has a wide range of gyms and you will have no problem finding the best ones for you. There are often lots of challenges and stress you experience, so it’s always a good idea to de-stress and focus on improving your life. With the right gyms and a good workout routine, you can totally do that. If you live in Taupo, you should consider giving all these gyms a shot, you will not be disappointed!

Each one of them has a great staff and a distinct set of programs designed to help you stay healthy and fit!


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