Some of the best Activities and Attractions in Taupo for 2019


New Zealand is one of the favorite tourist destinations all over the world. One of the must-visit places within the country is Taupo. This place is a great vacation spot for many because of its natural landscapes and breathtaking sceneries. To have fun and memorable tour around Taupo, we recommend the following fun activities and attractions that you can surely enjoy.


1. Huka Falls

Enjoy the relaxing sound of waters falling down from the 11-meter high rocks and the breathtaking view of Huka Falls. It is one of the highly famous waterfalls in the Southern Hemisphere. There are approximately 220,000 liters of water rushing down rapidly from the Waikato River of 100-meter wide. This has then caused this large amount of waters to clash and funnel down through the narrow rocks creating a magnificent view. Around the Huka Falls, there are pathways where you can stay to watch the spectacular scenery and take photographs for souvenirs. No doubt, the view is perfect for selfies from any angles. Aside from that, you may also walk through the pathways to have a tour around the falls. If you are into biking, you can also ride your bike through the mountain trails. The best activity to do is to ride a boat either through the jet boat or cruise.


2. Orakei Korako Geothermal Park

orakei-korako-geothermal-parkAlso known as The Hidden Valley, Orakei Korako Geothermal Park is famous for its 23 dynamic natural hot springs. The Hidden Valley is branded as “arguably the best thermal area left in New Zealand”. This paradise provides a view of the volcanic world. You may sip a cup of warm coffee from MudCake Café before you go on your tour around the place. There are path walks across the area and it normally takes an hour or two to finish the tour by walking. We recommend that you also have a ferry trip to fully enjoy this spectacular attraction.



3. Sail Lake Taupo and Sail Barbary

Another fun activity that you must do in Taupo is sailing. This is one of the favorite things to do of both the locals and visitors of Taupo. Sailing gets even better during summertime. The best sailing trips are offered by Sail Lake Taupo and Sail Barbary. If you want fun and relaxation all in one adventure, get your sailing trip deals here!



4. Taupo Tandem Skydiving

If you are an adrenaline junkie, skydiving is the best choice for your entertainment. Taupo Tandem Skydiving is known as New Zealand’s number 1 skydive. It offers a unique opportunity of skydiving with jumps of up to fifteen thousand feet. They offer three different skydiving options – 9,000 ft, 12,000 ft, and 15,000 ft. Make your visit to Taupo memorable as you get thrilled when thrown away in the air and watch over the North Island coasts, volcanoes, and the lakeshore of Taupo.


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