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List of Stump Grinders in Hastings, Hawkes Bay for 2021

Does your garden or backyard need some maintenance? Here is our list of the Best Stump Grinding in Hastings.


When you’re opting to gain more space in the park or backyard, you might have to remove some trees. With some efforts and a chainsaw, you may be able to cut some trees down. However, you’ll face the problem soon, the stumps. They’re too difficult to be removed. At this point, you need a professional stump grinding service to deal with massive stumps in your park. Here are our top picks for the best stump grinders in Hastings:

Stump Grinders in Hastings


1. Anthony’s Tree Stump Grinding Services

The company has been in the tree removal business for more than 25 years. They offer both tree and stump removal. Anthony applies a prior consult and quote so they can selectively remove the unwanted plants or trees from your garden and leave those which you want to keep. Today, the company has four tree grinder machines which can deal with all the stump sizes. So, the size is no longer your problem as Anthony can remove all the trees.

Anthony’s Tree Stump Grinding Services offers free quote and advice by phone. If you’re a pensioner, the company offers special rates for you. The company will tidy up your garden after grinding. Even though you have your own chainsaw, it’s suggested to rely on all the removal tree services to the company. Their services are reliable, more effective and efficient to grind all the stumps in your garden.


2. Stump Solutions HB

Another trusted stump grinder in Hastings that you should consider hiring is the Stump Solutions HB. They are well-known for providing professional tree services with a personal touch. Stump Solutions ensures the satisfaction of its clients. They can do the job well-done even on those tricky stumps! Stump offers the range of services which include stump grinding and removal, tree maintenance, roadside clearing, emergency clean-up, land clearing, mulching and more. They can also cover the areas of Napier, Hastings or Havelock North, Taradale and everywhere in between. You can call 021 287 3372 to inquire or to book their service


3. Hawke’s Bay Tree Surgeons

Well, it’s neither satire nor hyperbole, Hawke’s Bay Tree Surgeons can literally “surge” the stumps. It’s actually an arboricultural business run by an ISA-certified and experienced team of arborists. The company is actually a member of the New Zealand Arboricultural Association. The Surgeons can deal with all sizes of stump grinding project and has served more than 2000 customers who 600 of them are private. From this perspective, you should be able to imagine how they grind the stumps in your garden.

Hawke’s Bay Tree Surgeons offers free quotes for their services. You may get connected with Darryl and the team to discuss the stump grinding on your garden. It seems that the Surgeons doesn’t apply fixed rates, it totally depends on the scale of the job. The former clients have referred to the company’s efficient and excellent works. Contact Darryl now for the best deals on stump grinder services.


4. Treeworkz Hastings

Another stump grinding in Hastings – Treeworkz. The company covers the Hawke’s Bay Area for their stump grinding services. Treeworkz actually offers more comprehensive services including tree felling, mulch supply, and branch chipping. Treeworkz has been moving from the conventional stump grinding method, the company uses the modern stump grinder tools instead. This allows them to perform effective and effective grinding without damaging your property. They can deliver perfect yet not-intrusive stump grinding services. Treeworkz cleans and tidies up after grinding works.

The good news is that Treeworks applies no obligation for the quotes. Treeworkz has been recommended by for their former clients in Hawke’s Bay. Most of them referred to two aspects of Treeworkz’s services, a good job, and a good price. The rates are surprisingly reasonable while some others would say affordable, of course, it also depends on the prior quotes. Contact them now.


5. Affordable Tree Services

See their details here. Affordable Tree Services


6. Fulford Tree Co

Fulford Tree Co has a team of qualified arborists. They are a trusted specialist in tree and garden maintenance. Their services include pruning, tree dismantling, tree felling, land-clearing and stump removal in Hastings and nearby areas. They provide free quotation so give them a call at 027 717 6572 or 0800 873 388.


If you are looking for the best stump removal in Hastings, go for any of these stump grinders. You will surely get quality service at reasonable rates.


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