Some of the best Gyms in Hastings in 2019



Finding a gym in Hastings isn’t a prospect that would get you nervous. There are gyms galore in our beautiful city. But finding the right gym, with the right facilities, the right trainers and equipment would take some doing.

For most people in Hastings and around the world for that matter, a workout in the gym is their only way to stay fit. It is thus vital that the gym you subscribe to has got all that you need to be in shape. And the ‘right’ gym may differ for novices and pros. The facilities and equipment a lifelong gym freak would demand would be vastly different for someone who has just about started working out or probably has just given a thought to it.

Some gym’s offer a variety of workouts such as yoga, Les Mills workouts, Resistance training, Spin classes, CrossFit, BoxFit whilst others are more specialized.




We understand that your preferences and demands may differ from others and have hence labored to find out and list gyms around Hastings that would work well for everyone.


Snap Fitness Hastings

Snap Fitness Hastings offers better than industry standard cardio and strength equipment. They are an international brand with a strong presence in New Zealand. Their USP is the touch screen based ‘Fitness on Demand’ system that lets users join a fitness class at any given time. Early mornings, late nights, lazy Sunday afternoons; you can join the class anytime! Post workout recovery is an aspect that can’t be ignored, particularly for a newbie. The HydroMassage bed at this facility would help you relax and recover quicker.



CityFitness offers widely popular Mossa group fitness programmes. Their fitness programmes are designed to be highly intense or low-impact as per the customer’s requirement. They also run adaptable impact classes that enable new parents who can’t leave their kids at home and patients with arthritis or heart complications to workout at the gym.



SwimGym is a complete fitness center that houses 3 facilities under one roof – a gym, a sauna, and a swimming pool. It is the ideal location for anyone willing to improve fitness, gain flexibility, build strength and lose weight. And their personal trainers are always at help.


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