List of the Best Stump Grinders in Auckland Central


Stump grinding is a specific method of removing tree stumps after trees have been removed. Dealing with tree stumps can be stressful especially when you’re not a professional and don’t have the specific tools. We provide you here with the list of the best stump grinders in Auckland. Check the great deals in their stump grinding services!

Best Stump Grinders in Auckland


1. Professional Stump Grinding Services

Previously, if you wanted to remove tree stumps it would be an arduous task. Due to the cost to purchase a stump grinder, acquiring professional stump grinding services is the most cost-effective way of removing stumps. The professional stump grinders in Auckland have the specific tools, skills, and experience in dealing with stumps of any size and allowing you to use the area more effectively.


2. Tree Fellas

It’s not a secret that finding such quality stump grinding contractors could be a difficult task in Auckland. However, you shouldn’t worry, as Tree Fellas is the stump grinding specialists. The company operates with small to large grinding machines, which can optimally remove all sizes of stumps. Though access isn’t a problem for the Tree Fellas as they have range machinery to suit all situations. Feedback received is that they leave the site clean and tidy as well as helping out with the reinstatement of soil.


3. Auckland Arborists and Stump Grinders

Stump grinding is only one of their main services. Auckland Arborists and Stump Grinders is also well-known for their other services including hedge trimming, tree removal, and site/land clearing in Auckland. Furthermore, the company covers all of the Auckland area and sites. They also offer tree consultancy and bamboo removal. Due to offering these services, Tree Fellas can solve any problem to do with trees.


4. East Bays Trees

East Bays Trees is another company you should consider when looking for stump grinding to be done. They have the skills and equipment to do small to medium-sized stumps in the Central and East Auckland area.

Other services they offer, apart from stump grinding, is a full tree work service. They have the equipment and experience to deal with all sized projects and do tree removal, tree trimming, hedge trimming, mulching, section clearing and even deliver free mulch. For more information click here.


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