Some of the best Jet Ski Rental Shops in Taupo


Jet skiing is one of the favorite fun activities that you can experience in island countries like New Zealand. The country is highly popular for the jet skiing services provided by several Ski hire stores. If you’re on a vacation who loves to enjoy skiing, New Zealand could be your best bet due to that fact that it has some of the best beaches in the world. If you’re wondering how you could also enjoy the skiing experience in Taupo, New Zealand, here’s a list of best Ski hire services.



1. Lakefun Taupo

Located on the Ferry Road, Taupo, Lakefun Taupo is one of the most sought after jet ski services in the city. They offer some of the latest Yamaha Jet ski models for the customers to enjoy an impeccable skiing experience. Furthermore, they also offer self-drive boats, SUPs, and Kayaks as well. High-quality life jackets and wetsuits are also available here.


2. Taupo Jet Ski Hire

This Jet Ski hire is situated on the Mapou road, Rainbow Point, Taupo. The Taupo Jet Ski Hire is infamous for its friendly and professional staff. One of the best features that you can get by skiing with Taupo Jet Ski Hire services is Go Pro camera options with which you can capture the amazing moments of your skiing experience. Wetsuits are also available on offer.


3. More about Taupo Jet Ski Hire

This is one of Taupo’s best places to hire a jet ski. They are licensed to thrill everyone. Guests do not need to be experienced because they provide friendly training and assistance. Taupo Jet Ski Hire is about having a fun and safe experience on Lake Taupo.


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