Some of the best Backpackers and Hostels in Taupo for 2020


Backpackers, usually the people who travel the world while maintaining a minimal budget. While traveling as a backpacker, one of the most important things is to cut the costs as much as possible. One of the substantial aspects where you can cut down costs is accommodation. In order to do that, one should find a place that’s budget-friendly for the backpackers. We’re here to help you in that aspect, continue reading to access our list of backpacker-friendly places in Taupo.



1. Taupo Urban Retreat

If you’re looking for a place to stay where there’s a spacious common area, Taupo Urban Retreat is the place to stay at. The wooden interior rooms have access to the natural light which keeps you warm. This hotel also offers an onsite bar where you can spend just as little as $4 for a happy hour at 7 pm. Taupo Urban Retreat also provides cycle hire for backpackers. This place is also famous for its inexpensive food menu.


2. Base Backpacker Taupo

For someone who’s looking for a backpacker hotel which is located in the central location, Base Backpacker Taupo is a very good option. Majority of the rooms at this place have ensuite. Base Backpacker Taupo is close to numerous bars and pubs. Furthermore, Base Backpacker Taupo has several drink deals with their partner bar, Element, at where you can discount on drinks.


3. Haka Lodge

If you prefer a brand new constructed hostel for backpackers, Haka Lodge is the way to go. One of the fancy and sophisticated backpacker lodges in the area, Haka lodge offers free WiFi as well as a free spa pool.


4. Berkenhoff Lodge

A hostel that’s full of character with unique mural paintings, Berkenhoff lodge has become crowd-favorite among a lot of backpackers. A swimming pool and backpacker bar are the highlights of this lodge.


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