Some of the best Tyre Shops in New Plymouth for 2021


Your vehicle’s tyre is its most critical non-mechanical element because it determines both the comfort and safety of your driving. Thus, you need to regularly check the condition of your tyre and get them punctured or replaced when needed. When it comes to replacement, you need quality tyre at the best price. At this point, tyre shops are the ones which provide everything you need. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to find tyre shops in New Plymouth. You can check here the tyre shops that provide quality tyre products and services.


Tyre Shop in New Plymouth


1. Just Tyres

Just Tyres is a tyre shop and also a direct importer which provides a wide range of tyre products and services. If you’re driving a car, van, 4×4, or light truck, you’ll typically find suitable tyres in Just Tyres. The tyre shop offers both new and used tyre covering all budgets. Their secondhand tyres kept above 80% and you can find top brands at a considerably cheap price. They’re well-known for the reliable tyre services including fast puncture repairs and wheel balancing.

Just Tyres have special offers for your purchases on certain tyres which include fitting and balancing. You can conveniently consult your requirements get other everchanging specials from Just tyres. They have large in-stock new and used tyres so you’ll always get what you need in Just Tyres. No booking needed, get all the tyre jobs done fast and efficiently.


2. Simpsons Tyre Services

Simpsons Tyre Services is locally owned and operated tyre shop which offers comprehensive tyre products and services for most vehicles. These include car, commercial, off-road, agricultural, and so forth. The services include nitrogen tyre inflation, puncture repairs, and wheel balancing. They also cover auto mechanical repairs and warrant of fitness. Simpsons is an official Bridgestone tyre center, so you can get quality, original Bridgestone tyre products at the best price here.

Simpsons Tyre and Service center is located at 22 Leach Street with dominant Bridgestone theme on their workshop. You can conveniently book your tyre service online through their site. For accountable purchases, get a quote for your tyres and services. For the best deals, Simpsons allows you to use Q Car for six months interest-free, save on tyre purchase with SuperGold card, and get fuel discounts.


3. Mag and Tyre Direct

Mag and Tyre Direct is another New Zealand’s locally owned and operated tyre shop which independently imports both tyres and wheels. They offer tyres as low as $67 and wheels from $89 depending on the size and brands. They provide wholesale discounts for various tyre and wheel products. Whether you’re looking for new tyres or a set with wheels, Mag and Tyre Direct will provide what you need and want.

You can conveniently find in-stock tyres and/or wheels fit your vehicle through their website and place an order online.Despite tyre and wheel, they also provide auto accessories for body kits. If you need a very specific tyre for your vehicle but can find one, call Mag and Tyre Direct for a quote and check the availability.


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