Some of the best Cafes in New Plymouth for 2021


A cafe is one of the top destinations when you want to have a delicious breakfast with freshly brewed coffee. Todays cafes and coffee shops in the New Plymouth serve a wider range of menu for brunch, lunch, and even dinner along with more beverage menus. This way, a cafe becomes a place where you should go anytime you need meals and of course, drinks. Here are some great local cafes and coffee shops that you can go whenever you are craving for all-day breakfast meals and delicious drink menus.


New Plymouth Cafes serving all-day breakfast

1. Elixir Cafe

For casual dining in a warm and inviting environment, we recommend Elixir Cafe. This cafe serves great coffee and is considered as one of the bests in New Plymouth. They also have must-try morning beverages such as superfood smoothies, extracted whole fruit juice, loose leaf tea, iced, Fizz, great selection of wine and beers. They offer food menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with vegan and vegetarian-friendly menus.

Elixir is situated at 117 Devon Street East and opens every day, but the late dinner is only available on from Tuesday to Friday. All menus are moderately priced and you can enjoy the all-day and all-night menus so you don’t have to worry missing your favorites any time of the day. Remember not to leave the cafe without tasting their signature dish, Elixir’s Famous Mince on Toast.


2. Ozone Coffee

Another great coffee shop cafe is located at The Bean Store 47a King Street, the Ozone Coffee, serving comprehensive roasters experiences. You will enjoy a cup of great coffee here. Their coffee is not an ordinary coffee but rather more of a coffee adventure. They also offer comprehensive coffee supplies, coffee wholesale, coffee training, and insights to open your own coffee shop.


3. Chaos Cafe

Chaos Cafe is a unique cafe with punching breakfast menus and a large selection of cabinet foods. You can build your own breakfast with eggs on toast as the based and optional toppings, hollandaise, and side dishes. Here, you can find burrito and tofu in the same place. Their signature coffee is one of the strongest which make it perfect for coffee morning and breakfast.

Chaos Cafe is located at 36 Brougham Street and opens from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM on weekdays and 8:30 to 3:00 PM on Saturday. Chaos cafe also caters private and business functions including wedding or corporate events.


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