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List of Computer Technicians in Napier for 2021

Best Computer Technicians in Napier – Broken Laptop Screen, Power issues, reformat, and other computer repair services.


Everyone who uses the computer for their daily routines, sooner or later, will face some problems related to either hardware or software or maybe, both. Even though some basic troubleshooters are already familiarized to users, there are some advanced problems which require advanced technicians as well. That’s why you should have phone numbers of reliable computer repair vendors. Here are our top picks for the best computer repair shops in Napier:

Best Computer Repair Shops in Napier

1. Top Tech Napier

First on the list of our best computer repair shops in Napier is the Top Tech Napier. This computer technician in Napier offers more than just a traditional service. They offer a complete range of on-site computer and tech supports for home or office. These include computer upgrades, consultancy, tutoring, and sales. They professionally cover both Apple and Microsoft Windows product servicing. Not only that they provide the services, but Top Tech Napier also supplies a full range of computer parts and components. If you’re looking for hassle-free computer repair services that come to your home, Top Tech Napier is your best answers.

You can reach Top Tech Napier on 068341414 whenever you need services for your laptop or desktop computer. Top Tech Napier deals with both software and hardware elements of the computer so they can cover pretty much all your computer problems. Whether it’s for Mac Book or Windows laptops from any brands, Top Tech Napier will deliver the solutions with no pain.


2. Laptops R Us

Laptops R Us is a computer specialist which offer comprehensive computer supports for both home and business users. The cover repair services for all laptop, desktop computers, and network. These include a range of hardware problems, technical supports, viral protection, the system set up, security, and backups. Laptops R Us provide full-service solution whether you’re personal or network user. This way, prompt computer services can be handled by Laptops R Us with no problems.

Whenever you need a computer or IT supports, Laptops R Us can be reached on 06 8435067. Despite providing tech services on software and hardware, Laptops R Us also provide advises so you can get the best value of your money when you’re purchasing computer parts or components for upgrades or replacements. Laptops R Us works on any scale of repair projects and difficulties. What you’ll get is fully functioned and protected laptop and PC after the repairs


3. Toast Computers

Toast Computers is a computer technician expert in Napier which offers computer repairs & sales as well as database design. They deal with any computer issues including incompatible hardware & software, corrupted files, spyware, malware, virus infection, and so forth. They also have extensive experience in database development for more than two decades. This way, they can help you to remodel your existing database and to develop an efficient application for your business. if you’re looking for PC and database support for your business, Toast Computers could be your one-stop solution.

Toast Computer Repairs is situated at 110 Kennedy Road and opens from Monday to Friday but you can also reach them on 06-28122304. For critical repairs including OS restoration, virus removal, internet setup, data backups, they’ll charge you from NZD 120.


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